A page from the Diary of a Reborn Baby

I may not be real, or I may seem ‘like a corpse’ to some, but please try to understand that my mommy or daddy need me to help them for whatever reason they have me. Yes, I have eyes, but I cannot see. I have ears, but I cannot hear, yet mommy or daddy talk to me as if I understand every word. I don’t breathe or cry, drink or soil my diaper, and they know this. So, before you make unkind remarks to them, make an effort to try to understand the reason for them having adopted me. My mommy or daddy possibly lost a baby, or are not able to have a real flesh-and-blood baby due to medical circumstances. Someone I live with may have anxiety or depression issues and having me around helps them relax and be happy. I’m often cuddled and loved by Alzheimer’s grannies and grandpas, so they can just recall a little of their youth and enjoy it again. Yes, they buy clothing for us, diapers, cribs, strollers and car seats, but why should that matter to you? Just because you don’t understand or like us or find us ‘creepy’, it does not give you the right to judge us or our ‘owners’.

Yes, I am a doll and yes, my mommy or daddy may collect a whole nursery full of us, so tell me then – how is that any different to someone collecting cars or stamps or knives or guns, for that matter? Now, I do understand that you may think my mommy or daddy is crazy, or that their hobby is taboo, but it’s not. So if you want to ask questions please feel free. Mommy or daddy is very approachable and will be happy to answer any questions you may have about me.

Oh, and please, do not touch me unless mommy or daddy offers for you to hold me. And if you do, please treat me as you would a real, live baby. I’m am, after all, precious to someone too. 

Thank you for understanding.