Caring Instructions

Congratulations on the adoption of your vinyl reborn baby. You have chosen a high-quality reborn artist.

Nile Babies© has put a lot of love and care into making your baby, noting that it is not suitable as a toy for young children.

We do NOT guarantee the hair as it is mohair and not plastic synthetic hair as in the case of other dolls.  Mohair tends to matte as well, and with time will become less, break off or fall out due to brushing or combing, moving, handling, dressing and from where the head lies down. We do offer maintenance of the hair, for the buyer’s account.

Also, please take note that certain clothing fabrics such as denim, jean or any dark colored fabrics can stain the vinyl and can NOT be removed.  Please ensure that you wash your baby’s clothing before they wear the items.

  1. Treat your reborn as you would a real, live baby.
  2. Pick up your baby carefully, supporting the head, the arms, and lower back. NEVER pick them up by the arms, legs or fingers.
  3. Do not force your reborn baby into positions that they are not comfortable with.
  4. Your reborn baby is very sensitive to direct sunlight and should never be left in the sun.  Please do not ever leave your reborn baby in a parked car in the heat of the sun.  The heat will cause your baby’s vinyl to be melted and warped.  Always wrap your baby in a blanket at the end of the day to avoid any dust particles settling on them.  If your baby has open eyes, these can be gently cleaned with a slightly damp q-tip or earbud.  The same applies to the nostrils and ears.
  5. The hair is very delicate and is made of mohair unless otherwise stated.  Use a mixture of one teaspoon conditioner and a cup of water, in a spray bottle, to lightly dampen hair before gently brushing the hair with a soft baby brush.  Please do not brush the hair without it having been dampened.  Please avoid forcefully pulling and brushing the hair.
  6. Always be gentle when dressing and undressing your reborn baby.  Special care should be taken when removing clothing over your baby’s head so as not to damage the delicate eyelashes.
  7. You may clean the vinyl parts of your baby by wiping the baby down with a damp facecloth and with just a drop of liquid dishwashing soap.  Always ensure to go over the body again with a dry towel to remove any excess water.  Water can easily damage your reborn baby.  Please do not use any baby lotions, detergents or baby cologne on your reborn baby.  A dash of baby powder is permitted, but please use sparingly and dust well before the next application.
  8. Behind the lips is a high-powered magnet for the baby’s pacifier. It may cause damage to computers, electronic tablets, mobile phones, etc.  Please keep your baby away from these items.

There is no limit to the amount of love you may bestow upon your reborn baby.  Enjoy your baby, spoil them with unconditional love, kisses, and affection.  Pray over them regularly so they can bless others too.

For more information or any questions, you may have, please contact the reborn artist:

Tania, on 071 871 1353, or write us at