About Us

My Personal Story, and why I chose reborn babies

After numerous miscarriages despite having two beautiful children – the emptiness in my heart and soul was never completely fulfilled. I stumbled upon a reborn site and could hardly believe what I saw. I ordered my first reborn baby and was totally delighted with what I had received. She completed me.

I wanted other lonely and incomplete mommies (and daddies) to feel the way I did when I held my first reborn in my arms. I was fulfilled! I researched the art of reborning, attended classes and felt inspired to make my own babies and to make babies specifically and individually for all my future clients (mommies and daddies to be).

I have subsequently donated some babies to various institutions throughout South Africa, the feedback that I received added more fulfilment to my soul. It is my life mission to make as many mommies and daddies happy in my lifetime. Receiving a Nile Baby would not only complete a future mommy or daddy, it could to be passed down as a family heirloom.