Welcome to Nile Babies!

Here, we create vinyl reborn babies for adoption by potential reborn mommies and daddies.

The process a Nile Baby goes through to be ‘born’ - Our babies are received in blank kit form.  Between 11 to 15 layers of Genesis Heat Set Paints is used on each baby to transform the blank vinyl into a life-like baby, ready for adoption by anyone with a need or desire to own a unique Nile Baby.

Nile Babies was founded by Tania Künnemann in 2017.  We have donated more than five babies since opening our doors.  These babies now have loving mommies, daddies, and grannies across South Africa.  Of these charity babies, one lives in Vryburg, North West Province, at an Institution for Alzheimer patients, one was gifted to a special mommy at the Connie Mulder Centre in Randfontein, Gauteng.  Two other babies enjoy the attention of the elderly and Alzheimer-inflicted patients at Mooihawens Home for the Aged in Amanzimtoti, KwaZulu-Natal.

As desperate needs arise and are brought to the attention of Nile Babies, we will continue to bless those in need of therapy for various afflictions such as Alzheimers, the sudden or unexpected death of an infant or to form part of comfort therapy for a mommy who has been through the trauma of having had a miscarriage.

The kits are produced from a very soft vinyl in Europe and the United States of America and are imported through various agents throughout South Africa.  The doe-suede bodies, either imported or locally produced, are soft to the touch and cuddle just like the “real-deal”.  The babies’ heads are weighted in preemies and newborns to give the effect of a floppy head, just like a real baby.  The bodies are weighted according to the size of the kit and the ‘age’ represented by the kit.

Our Mission

Our mission, through our Reborn Babies, is to enhance the life of mommies and daddies who want to fill the emptiness in their lives, caused by trauma, the well-known ‘empty-nest syndrome’ in middle-aged parents when the chicks have left the nest or those who simply just want a baby to hold, cuddle, love or role-play.

In a lonely parent’s life, we simply want to fill that empty crib.